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BTParents provides a community of support for our teammates who are parents or caregivers. We exchange ideas and input with members in similar situations, share parenting articles, and host events focused on the dynamics of parenting, children, and family.

Validation and support at all stages of parenthood

BTParents is made up of five sub-groups, and parents who identify with a particular group can find solace in being connected with colleagues who face similar challenges:

  • Blended Families
  • Grandparents and Caregivers
  • Infants and Return to Work
  • Special Needs
  • Toddlers

We are proud to support our teammates by being a sounding board for ideas, referring resources, notifying members of local events specific to their sub-group, and simply being a sympathetic ear when needed.

“Holding the title of parent or caregiver plays a significant role in one’s life,” BTParents co-chair Raechelle Mills said. “Having support at work for your most significant role creates a sense of community, not just a workplace.”


Education and advocacy for working parents

We strive to empower and advocate for teammates who are navigating the considerable personal and professional demands associated with working while parenting (and vice versa).

Mills shared that she is particularly proud to have led a discussion about raising children with autism or special needs.

“Connecting on an emotional topic with colleagues was an amazing experience,” she said. “During the meeting, other members were able to share their stories and it was so nice to feel validated.”

A few of our other programs and community conversations:

  • Forum for parents of LGBTQ+ individuals to share their experiences
  • Virtual music class for the children of BTParents members
  • Keynote on how to help girls cope with stress and pressure, presented by a  national nonprofit that produces programming, research and education focused on girls

For information regarding BTParents, please contact co-chairs Alison CaseyCarol EdelsonRaechelle Mills, and Sean Phipps.

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