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Diversity Scholarship and Application

Diversity Scholarships

As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, we are pleased to offer a 1L Diversity Scholarship summer position in four of our markets.

Scholarship recipients will have a paid position in the firm’s summer associate program. In addition, students will receive the following:

At the completion of a successful first summer, including receipt and acceptance of an offer to return to the firm for a second summer, the scholarship recipient will receive $5,000. Scholarship recipients who return for a second summer will receive $5,000 at the completion of a successful second summer, including receipt and acceptance of an offer to join the firm as an entry-level associate. Scholarship recipients that accept an entry-level associate offer will receive an additional $5,000 when they join the firm.


Applicants must:

  • Be a first year (1L) law student in good standing whose background, experience, personal attributes and/or characteristics contribute to Barnes & Thornburg’s diversity, equity and inclusion commitment and goals
  • Demonstrate excellent academic and personal achievement
  • Demonstrate tangible commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion generally, relative to Barnes & Thornburg and the broader legal profession
  • Be enrolled at an ABA-accredited law school

How To Apply – Application Opens December 1, 2023

  • Complete online application – Applications are now closed    
  • Submit a cover letter
  • Provide current resume (including undergraduate and law school GPA)
  • Submit a personal statement (separate and distinct from the cover letter), describing aspects of your background, personal attributes, characteristics, experiences, etc. that you feel best demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and how such will contribute meaningfully to Barnes & Thornburg and to the legal profession as a whole.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can eligible applicants apply for a scholarship in multiple markets?

Yes. If you choose to do so, please note such in your cover letter.  Further, understand that you can only be selected in one market.

If not selected as a 1L Diversity Scholarship recipient, can I still be considered for a 1L summer position with the firm?

Yes. Indeed, we often consider our scholarship applicants not selected for 1L slots if and/or when other summer slots become available.

If not selected as a 1L Diversity Scholarship recipient, can I later apply for a summer position with the firm as a 2L?

Yes, you are free to and in fact, strongly encouraged to apply for a general summer associate position as a 2L. We often continue to recruit impressive candidates who interviewed but were not selected for a Diversity Scholarship for such 2L summer positions.

If I am selected as a scholarship recipient, have a successful summer, accept an offer for a 2L position and then decide not to come to Barnes & Thornburg, do I have to return any scholarship payout(s)?

Yes. The goal of this scholarship is to grow Barnes & Thornburg’s diverse demographics. We wholly respect your right to take advantage of opportunities you may be afforded, but if you choose to forego such relative to Barnes & Thornburg, the scholarship payout must be returned to the firm immediately.

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