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Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation

When patent litigation is unavoidable, Barnes & Thornburg can work with you to map out a strategy to either protect your technology or to defend against claims of infringement which threaten your business. We are able to handle patent litigation in any federal court in the U.S., having offices in four of the six jurisdictions with the most active patent litigation dockets.

Barnes & Thornburg’s attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle your case successfully and efficiently. We have represented clients in cases spanning all types of technology, such as biotechnology, chemistry, software, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Our product experience includes cases involving pharmaceuticals, ROM chips, communication systems, e-commerce methods, medical devices, blood glucose monitors, human protein C, adhesives, insecticides and bagless vacuums.

We also have substantial defensive experience in non-practicing entity, or “patent troll,” litigation. This type of litigation is an unfortunate reality in today’s business environment. Our attorneys have defended clients in numerous patent troll cases, particularly in the Eastern District of Texas, and developed efficient approaches to achieve resolution as quickly as possible.

Our patent litigation strategy will be based on your goals for the case and the best way to achieve those goals. Every case is unique, but we will look to achieve goals in an efficient and timely manner, develop a case plan and execute that plan effectively, whether by an early Markman motion, targeted discovery, moving for summary judgment or considering a post-grant review proceeding in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

If trial is contemplated, Barnes & Thornburg attorneys have the experience and technical knowledge necessary to explain the case effectively to a judge or jury. Where beneficial, we work closely with our jury consulting affiliate, ThemeVision, to develop persuasive stories and winning strategies that are tailored to the facts and the technology of the case.


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