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Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firm

Intellectual Property Brand Protection

Our mission is to provide the right people with the right skills to fit each client’s current needs, and the breadth of experience to anticipate what’s next for their intellectual property and business goals. We know intellectual property law and understand the science behind complex inventions, medical devices, agricultural products and pharmaceuticals.

Barnes & Thornburg’s Intellectual Property practice is among the largest in the country, with nearly 130 IP attorneys and professionals and 75 registered patent attorneys and agents. Our clients know that their intellectual property — inventions, brands and trade secrets — are as valuable as their factories, laboratories and inventories. We believe that intellectual property must be cultivated and nourished to grow as an asset and without the right care, it will wither.

Our team works diligently to help clients succeed in overseeing and protecting their valuable IP with employees, customers, partners and competitors, and to avoid infringement of the IP rights of others. We position and leverage our client’s critical IP in industry and specialized markets, and defend patent, trademark and copyright integrity in the judicial system and in agency review and appeals.

We assist product development, marketing, sales and finance teams with comprehensive IP programs and protect products from copying by competitors. We advise on IP holdings valued into the billions of dollars of market share, representing Fortune 500 companies with thousands of IP assets, as well as startup companies defined by a single patent. Our attorneys are committed to client service, cohesive teamwork, responsiveness and useful advice.

From coast to coast, we counsel clients from a variety of industries, such as medical device, plastics and packaging, internet and computer technology, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive and aviation. With decades of experience, we understand that the many types of IP assets drive core business strategy and brand development. Our cost-conscious solutions help clients derive as much value from their intellectual resources as from their human resources.

Practice Leaders

Julia Gard

Julia Spoor Gard

Intellectual Property Department Chair


P 317-231-7439

F 317-231-7433

Jonathan Froemel

Jonathan P. Froemel

IP Litigation Practice Leader


P 312-214-8315

F 312-759-5646

Scott Simmonds

Scott M. Simmonds

Patent Practice Leader, Management Committee Member


P 317-231-7403

F 317-231-7433

Christopher  Dolan

Christopher M. Dolan

Trademark Practice Leader


P 312-338-5911

F 312-759-5646




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