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Nanotechnology has incredible potential - some have characterized the impact on society as a "second industrial revolution." Our Nanotechnology Group assists clients involved in developing, using and licensing nanotechnology, or those seeking new applications of nanotechnology research.

Nanotechnology comprises a broad range of technologies that deal with structures and processes in the "nanometer" range-generally 100 nanometers or smaller (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter), with the ability to manipulate or control those materials in a useful manner. Billions of dollars and countless hours of research are being put into nanotechnology research in companies, government agencies, and universities throughout the world.

The broad range of applications for nanotechnology is revealed in the assistance our attorneys have given clients, in the fields of biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, electrical engineering, and environmental remediation.

Our Nanotechnology Group assists clients in a number of ways. For a developer or user of nanotechnology, we can assist in securing the intellectual property rights or contracting for the appropriate use of those rights. We also assist emerging and established nanotechnology businesses from simple formation and governances matters to more complicated contract issues to complex financing, including angel investors, traditional financing and venture capital. A number of our nanotechnology clients also require assistance in immigration and export control compliance. Our relationships with existing nanotechnology centers help keep us on the cutting edge of nanotechnology developments.

Barnes & Thornburg's Nanotechnology Group has the technical expertise, legal skill and experience to assist clients with their nanotechnology needs.




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