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Firm Managing Partner 

Andrew J. Detherage 

Ann Arbor Partner-in-Charge

Jennifer Stocker

Atlanta Managing Partner

John T.L. Koenig 

Chicago Managing Partner

Michael A. Carrillo

Columbus Managing Partner

William A. Nolan

Dallas Managing Partner

Victor Vital

Delaware Partner-in-Charge

Thomas McGonigle

Elkhart Managing Partner

Timothy Emerick

Fort Wayne Managing Partner

D. Randall Brown

Grand Rapids Managing Partner

Jennifer Stocker

Indianapolis Managing Partner

Brian L. Burdick

Los Angeles Managing Partner

Kevin D. Rising

Minneapolis Managing Partner

Connie A. Lahn

Nashville Partner-in-Charge

Jay H. Knight

New Jersey Partner-in-Charge

Michael C. Zogby

New York Partner-in-Charge

Robert J. Boller

Philadelphia Partner-in-Charge

Michael C. Zogby

Raleigh Partner-in-Charge

Allen Baum

Salt Lake City Partner-in-Charge

Kevin D. Rising

San Diego Partner-in-Charge

Eric J. Beste

South Bend Managing Partner

Timothy Emerick

Washington, D.C., Managing Partner

Roscoe C. Howard, Jr.

At-Large Members: 

David C. Allen (Los Angeles)

Heather D. Harris (Indianapolis)

Curt Hidde (Indianapolis)

Jeffrey A. Hopper (Indianapolis)

Mark T. Kindelin (Chicago)

Scott M. Simmonds (Indianapolis)

Melissa A. Vallone (Chicago)

Donald E. Williams (Indianapolis)

Norma W. Zeitler (Chicago)


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