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Douglas Robson, Chicago Attorney

Douglas S. Robson

Private Client Services Co-Chair


Douglas Robson, Chicago Attorney

Douglas S. Robson

Private Client Services Co-Chair

If the economy has finally rebounded, why are some companies still struggling? How do companies become more productive and more profitable? For some small-to-midsize organizations, many challenges seem insurmountable. Join Barnes & Thornburg and Lake City Bank for a multifaceted interactive panel discussion that takes aim at five key issues facing small to midsize businesses in today’s economy.

This program features an experienced lineup of legal and financial advisors answering questions that keep you awake at night about corporate financing, employment issues (including restrictive covenants), cyber-security, real estate, and estate/succession planning.

Do you have a topic you would like our panel to address? We invite you to submit your questions when you register for this program and members of our panel will try to get to all of them during the event.

Corporate Financing

  • What are the typical sources (and ratios) of capital for a lower middle market acquisition in today’s market? 
  • How big of a role is the SBA in startup and growth financing in today’s market? 
  • What does a commercial bank focus on when analyzing existing borrowers’ performance? 
  • What form of investment do “angel” investors look for in today’s market? 
  • How do things change when institutional investors become involved?

Employment & Restrictive Covenants

  • Why has it become so expensive to grow my workforce? 
  • How do we get rid of the bad employees and how do we keep our good ones? 
  • What do we do if one of our employees goes to work for a competitor? 
  • How do we prepare ourselves (and our employees) when buying or merging with another company?


  • How is cybercrime committed? 
  • What is your role in cybersecurity? 
  • How can you protect yourself from cyberattacks? 
  • What is a cyber-specific liability insurance policy? 
  • Are there tips for companies to follow when purchasing a cyber-specific liability insurance policy?

Real Estate 

  • What are some of the trends in diligence in today’s market? 
  • Why do some banks seek real estate loans and some avoid them? 
  • What are some measures a developer or prospective borrower can take to make a request more attractive?

Estate and Succession Planning 

  • What are some common mistakes that business owners make in estate and succession planning? 
  • What role might trusts play in succession and estate planning for business owners? 
  • How can I provide both structure and flexibility in transferring wealth to my loved ones? 
  • How does portability change the way in which we think about traditional AB trust planning? What are its advantages and disadvantages? When is it most effectively used? 
  • What general structure should be used to maximize the flexibility of the portability-enabled estate planning model? If used, how can I preserve my GST exemption, which remains unportable?

When: March 4

Time: 11: 30 a.m. (Eastern) Registration & Lunch (Lunch is included) | noon - 2:30 p.m. Program

Where: Hilton Garden Inn, Gillespie Conference Center | 53995 Indiana SR 933, South Bend, IN


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