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Victoria Chinsee


Victoria Chinsee: I Am Barnes & Thornburg

I AM...

  • A horror movie and true-crime addict
  • A barre instructor who has been doing barre workouts for nearly a decade
  • Terrified of birds and most other things that fly
  • Heavily tattooed, which tends to surprise most people
  • Severely allergic and incredibly attractive to mosquitoes – I get giant welts that leave me bruised while others are left untouched
  • A former flutist who performed in the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia
  • A mother to two cats and two dogs – the product of a blended pet family with my partner
  • An introspective introvert who observes and listens before speaking, which many mistake for standoffishness or shyness
  • An avid snowboarder who rides “goofy”
  • A Star Wars fangirl who has been attending San Diego Comic-Con since the mid-’90s

This profile appeared in the April 2022 edition of I Am Barnes & Thornburg.

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