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Chapter & Vs. Newsletter - April 2019

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Freedom of Association for Greek Organizations in the Face of Sweeping University Action

It’s an otherwise normal Monday morning when university officials get an alarming, and unfortunately too common, phone call. The activities of a fraternity or sorority the night prior have resulted in tragedy fueled by layers upon layers of poor decision-making. What are the next steps?

By Kyle Gerlach

Best Practices to Receive Payments and Avoid Collections

Fraternities and sororities continue to focus on the collection of various payments owed by its members. One area where issues may arise is a member enjoying all the benefits of membership in the organization and simultaneously becoming delinquent in required payments. Read about the best ways to ensure that your organization can continue to thrive economically while holding individual members responsible for payments due and – as a last resort – taking legal action via collections.

By Matthew Misichko

Only a Matter of Time: Some States’ Laws May Protect Medical Marijuana Users

As most readers will know, more and more states are adopting statutes legalizing medical marijuana (and in some cases, recreational marijuana use). Institutions of higher education and Greek organizations generally prohibit marijuana use, often specifying “even for medical marijuana users” in their prohibitions, on the basis that federal law prohibits marijuana use. Which, in fact, it does. But the tide is clearly turning on this issue in the employment arena and, while not all of the reasons for that apply to a fraternity or sorority, some might.

By William A. Nolan

Robert’s Rules ‘Lite’ and Consent Agendas: 6 Tips for Running Efficient and Effective Meetings

Whether you are running your organization’s board, committee or membership meeting, being both efficient (from a time standpoint) and effective (from a goals/follow-up standpoint) are critical. Yet in our busy daily lives, organizing and running meetings often is a rushed task – meetings tend to run long and follow-up is often lacking. Here are six tips for running efficient and effective meetings.

By Barbara F. Dunn



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