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Scott Godes quoted in Legaltech News Article "Cyberinsurance: A Necessary Protection in the Digital Era?"

Scott Godes

Scott N. Godes

Data Security and Privacy Co-Chair, Insurance Recovery and Counseling Group Co-Chair

Scott Godes, partner and co-chair of the firm’s Data Security and Privacy Practice Group, was recently quoted in a Legaltech News article, “Cyberinsurance: A Necessary Protection in the Digital Era?” Between 2005 and 2015, more than 5,000 must-report data breach incidents were tracked; and since 2002, breach notification laws have been enacted in 47 states. Given the rising number of breaches and response costs, companies are turning to cyberinsurance for remediation. Scott is quoted numerous times within the article, including one note stating, “A data breach, and several courts have agreed, particularly when the information is put online, involves the publication of materials that violates a person's right to privacy. And yet, notwithstanding this good case law, for policyholders, insurance companies continue to deny coverage or deny that the general liability policy provides coverage for such an event.” Read the full article here.


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