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Now available for viewing - Insurance Law Webinar: You’re Covered, But...

Two weeks ago, attorneys from our Policyholder Insurance Recovery and Counseling practice group hosted a webinar which featured discussion on tips to help policyholders get all the coverage they bargained for. The webinar was recorded and is now available for viewing. The speakers and topics in the webinar include:

Full Coverage - An Insurance Agent's Duty to Advise? - Robert G. Devetski, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg

Absent a “special relationship,” an agent generally owes no duty to advise a policyholder about the adequacy of coverage. Here we consider factors which can create that “special relationship” and a resulting duty to advise.

Your Liability Insurer Agreed to Defend? Don't Relax Yet - John Fischer, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg

Getting your liability carrier to agree to defend you in a lawsuit is an important risk-management milestone; however, depending on the terms of the carrier’s acceptance, an entirely new set of issues and concerns may arise. This presentation identifies ten coverage issues that commonly arise even after a carrier agrees to defend, and suggests ways to address those issues to ensure that you get the full benefit of your policy.

If One Is Exhausted, Will Another Follow? - Christopher Lynch, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg

Relying on policy language that purports to significantly restrict how the underlying insurance must be exhausted, excess insurers are increasingly challenging whether payments made by the underlying insurer or the insured can even count to reach the excess layer. This session provides tips to help policyholders avoid or respond to exhaustion challenges by their excess insurers.

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