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Anti-harassment Workplace Training

Management and Employee Training

In the complex world of employment and human resources, preventing an employee from filing a lawsuit against your company is just as, if not more, important than defending the lawsuit.

While no one can insulate an employer from any and all lawsuits and charges, how you choose to protect your company plays a primary role in any effective defense of such claims. The attorneys in our Labor & Employment group offer training programs that are designed to help supervisors, managers and senior executives recruit and maintain a competent workforce.

Barnes & Thornburg attorneys assist employers by offering training programs that are specifically designed to:

  • Improve employee productivity
  • Encourage workplace morale
  • Minimize litigation risk
  • Maximize the rate of success in potential litigation

Among the topics we cover are:

Anti-discrimination/Anti-harassment Training

If you-ve been in business long enough you-re well aware how important it is to educate your supervisory team on the various EEO and other anti-discrimination laws. Our programs provide the necessary rules to follow, but also go a step further and address the real-life challenges that come along with enforcing your policies, including those involving social media.

Our approach involves not only the explanation of the law, but also provides your management team with helpful examples and methods to avoid engaging in offensive behavior, responding to incidents, dealing with complaints, and recognizing and avoiding possible retaliation situations. No two work environments are the same; we will tailor such training to address the unique circumstances of your workplace and your current policies and programs.

Managing Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Given the minefield that has been created for employers by recent legislation and court decisions regarding the legal requirements imposed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and workers- compensation laws, it is imperative that your managers and supervisors are armed with the latest tools and techniques regarding such issues.

We provide practical, useful methods and tips for dealing with the misuse of your leave programs and policies. Training in this area can cover a broad range of topics specifically suited to your needs and issues or serve as a general update for your management staff. Our attorneys understand the nuances of the law and the best practices relevant to helping your management team effectively manage its staff.

Managing and Disciplining Employees

How to manage and discipline employees is one of the most overlooked training areas today. When done effectively, this training can help improve employee performance and morale. Bring our attorneys in for training and we will focus on how your team can most effectively address good and bad employee behavior and conduct. The goal- To instill confidence in your supervisors and in your employees.

A training program that creates a sound approach to employee discipline helps foster loyalty among your employees and can help you avoid the -us vs. them- work environment that can lead to a myriad of employment problems.

Recruitment and Retention Training

As any good chef knows, the ingredients are critical to a recipe. The same goes for an employer: recruiting the right people for your company is of the utmost importance. Poor performance can often be predicted (and thus avoided) if the employer had spent more time and energy during the recruitment period.

We assist our clients by training their hiring personnel on the most efficient and effective hiring methods. From application review to interviews, we work with your staff to make sure they get the answers that they need before making a hire. We also will work with your team on how to retain those quality recruits once you hire them.


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