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Right-To-Work On A Roll – Is the Granite State Next?

As we previously reported, Missouri became the 28th state to adopt right-to-work legislation, which allows employees to opt out of paying dues to a union representing them. No. 29 and the first Northeast state might be on the horizon. Legislation is pending in New Hampshire, where Gov. Chris Sununu has indicated a willingness to sign a right-to-work bill. The New Hampshire Senate has already passed the measure and the House is now considering the bill. Passage is not certain. Organized labor is pulling out the stops to prevent the first northeastern state from passing such a measure by organizing protests in New Hampshire’s capital of Concord. With the rust belt states of Michigan and Indiana already in the right-to-work column, and Missouri (traditionally a heavily unionized state) and Kentucky also recently joining the ranks of right-to-work states, the adoption of right-to-work in New Hampshire, if it occurs, would demonstrate real momentum for such measures.


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