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EEOC Releases Detailed FY 2013 Statistics Showing Highest Monetary Recovery in Agency History

As we previously reported, the EEOC issued its Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2013 in December, which in part summarized the agency’s activity from October 2012 through September 2013. As promised in December, the agency has released more detailed charge and litigation statistics for its FY 2013 activity, providing better insight into what is on its radar (and what employees are complaining about). Data tables provide detailed breakdowns for intake and resolution of charges, in addition to initiated and resolved litigation. A summary of key details is below:

Charge Statistics:

- The agency received 93,727 charges in FY 2013 – a 5.7% decrease from charges received in FY 2012

- Retaliation under all statutes was the most frequently cited basis for charges of discrimination. Race discrimination was the second most-cited basis, followed by sex discrimination (including sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination), then discrimination based on disability

- The most frequently cited issue under all statutes was discharge, followed by terms and conditions of employment, then harassment

- More charges of discrimination (97,252) were resolved than received (93,727) during the fiscal year

- The highest monetary recovery in agency history was obtained through administrative resolution - $372.1 million, which is a $6.7 million increase from FY 2012

Litigation Statistics:

- The agency filed 148 lawsuits, including 131 merits suits in FY 2013. 78 lawsuits were filed under Title VII; 51 were filed under the ADA; 7 were filed under the ADEA; 5 were filed under the EPA; 3 were filed under GINA. 11 suits were filed under multiple statutes; 17 were subpoena and preliminary relief actions

- 222 resolutions were reached in total, with 209 merits lawsuits reaching resolution

- Resolution resulted in $38.6 million to charging parties, in addition to case-specific injunctive relief. $22 million was received in Title VII actions; $14 million in ADA; $2.1 million in ADEA; $200,000 in EPA; and $200,000 in suits filed under multiple statutes

An EEOC press release that includes a link to the data is available here.


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