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EEO Compliance Lawyer

EEO Compliance

Barnes & Thornburg's Labor and Employment Law Department offers an extensive network of resources to assist employers with federal and state equal employment opportunity (EEO) compliance.

Preventative/Pro-Active Services

Our labor and employment team assists with the following to help companies comply with EEO laws and regulations:

  • Supervisor and Management Training
  • Internal Audits
  • Day-to-Day Counseling
  • Drafting EEO Policies and Procedures
  • Discipline and Discharge

Responding to EEOC (or State Administrative Agency) Charges

Once an administrative charge is filed, certain issues need to be addressed and tasks completed:

  • Mediation - we help employers decide if mediation makes sense and, if so, we participate in the mediation
  • Drafting a Response and Statement of Position - careful drafting is essential to make certain defenses are not waived and the employer's position is firmly rooted in the law
  • Requests for Additional Information - if the agency requests more information after submission of the initial response and statement of position, we will help evaluate the appropriateness of the request and determine what information should be provided
  • On-Site Investigations - should the agency wish to come to your facility, we will be by your side every step of the way, participating in management interviews, overseeing document review by the investigator and ensuring that the investigator does not overstep his or her legal boundaries
  • Conciliation - we address the issues that arise if a -cause- finding is made by the agency, ever mindful that a cause finding does not obligate the employer to pay anything to the charging party; if an employer is interested in pursuing a settlement of the charge, we negotiate the best possible results

Federal or State Court Litigation

If the EEOC charge ripens into litigation by the charging party or the EEOC (on behalf of the charging party), we have an experienced team of trial attorneys ready to assist.


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