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Senator Isakson Blasts Recent NLRB Decision Approving Formation of New York Mini Union

Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia recently issued a press release “blasting” a recent Board decision approving the formation of a mini union of employees within the shoe department at the Bergdorf Goodman store in New York. Senator Isakson also called on the Senate to pass legislation to reverse the Board's policy of allowing as few as two or three employees to form “micro” bargaining units.

In his own words, Senator Isakson noted the following:

“The labor board seems to have run amok as far as I’m concerned. Micro unions in any place of business cause discord and are a way to upset an organization that otherwise is not upset. There is not a problem as far as unions being able to organize, but there is a huge problem in that the labor board continues to try to overturn decades’ worth of labor laws that have served us well in order to tip the scales in favor of labor unions. The recent decision at Bergdorf Goodman is an example of the labor board’s doing through regulation what we ought to be doing through legislation on the floor of the Senate.”

The full release can be found here.


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