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International Business

Your international business strategies must be based on sound legal advice no matter what corner of the world they touch. We regularly work with multinational companies and on cross-border transactions and business initiatives, leading a coordinated approach to international legal issues.

We regularly assist U.S. businesses with the sale and distribution of products and services abroad and the protection and licensing of their intellectual property in foreign markets. We also help you establish foreign subsidiaries, overseas facilities, and operations, including joint ventures with foreign partners.

Our attorneys are active members of TerraLex, a worldwide network of leading independent law firms; the TechLaw Group, comprised of independent regional law firms serving the technology market; and SCG Legal, a global network of law firms. These networks allow us to readily partner with business-minded law firms around the globe to integrate knowledge of foreign law into your international strategies.

Barnes & Thornburg also represents many overseas clients in U.S. legal matters. If you are affiliated with a foreign company, we help you establish or purchase facilities and commence operations in the U.S. We also handle benefits, taxation, immigration, litigation, labor relations, distribution, intellectual property, and counsel foreign clients in connection with U.S. business and operations.

We help you understand and comply with U.S. and international marketing laws, including antitrust laws, laws prohibiting unfair competition, and laws restricting the dumping of products. Our intellectual property lawyers help you protect and exploit your patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property in the U.S., as well help you license proprietary technologies. We can help you with any immigration issues your personnel may encounter in pursuing your business plans in the U.S.

We offer a global perspective to legal needs. We work with a significant number of Japanese clients through our Japanese Services Group. Likewise, we assist clients across Europe through our European Services Group. Firm attorneys also assist clients with opportunities in Africa.

We can also help you navigate through federal international trade regulations that impact your plans. Our lawyers in Washington, D.C., regularly handle international trade disputes and negotiations, customs issues, export controls and trade sanctions.


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