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Ballot Initiative Proposed by Michigan Unions Takes Aim at Right-to-Work, Other Controversial Labor Legislation

Right-to-work continues to make headlines in Michigan despite statements from the state’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder that he opposes efforts to pass right-to-work legislation in Michigan. Not content with these assurances, union officials in the state have been advocating a ballot proposal that would make right-to-work unconstitutional in Michigan. For his part, Snyder has indicated that he also opposes the unions’ ballot initiative, stating that both positions are too divisive and are distracting from other issues.

The proposed “Protect Our Jobs” ballot initiative also attempts to reverse some controversial public labor legislation passed by Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature in the last year, including a requirement that public union employees pay at least 20% of their health care costs, a ban on graduate student organizing, and a bar against payroll deductions for public school employee union dues – all bills that were signed by Snyder.

The union groups have until July to get enough signatures to put their proposed initiative on the November ballot.

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