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Joint Ventures Open for Business

Joint ventures are among the most complex relationships a business can establish. Like any marriage, a joint venture should be entered into with a keen eye on the details, which can help to avoid disputes, increase the likelihood of cost savings and enhance performance.

Barnes & Thornburg's seasoned attorneys help companies achieve the benefits of a proposed joint venture, while minimizing the pitfalls that sometimes accompany joint ventures.

Joint venture relationships frequently involve complex tax and antitrust issues. Our attorneys protect clients- interest by analyzing and structuring joint ventures with regard to revenue sharing, control, intellectual property ownership, corporate governance and tax liability issues. We also advise clients on dispute resolution, deadlock, and break up and exit. We help you balance your interests with measures designed to foster the success of the venture as a whole.

  • Barnes & Thornburg attorneys represented a joint venture in its development and sale of a large 10 megawatt/75 acre solar photovoltaic generating system on land owned by a large municipal airport authority. Barnes & Thornburg attorneys helped structure the joint venture involving 3 corporate entities that worked to develop and implement the solar farm project. This is currently the largest solar farm of any airport in the United States. The 52,400 solar panels should generate 17,500,000 kilowatt hours per year - enough to power 1,700 homes for a year. Electricity created from the solar farm will be fed directly into the grid with the airport authority expecting to collect about $316,000 annually in lease payments. The renewable energy produced will prevent approximately 10,700 tons of C02 from being released in to the environment each year, which is the equivalent of removing 2,000 cars from the road.
  • Barnes & Thornburg has served as primary outside transaction counsel to a large automotive equipment manufacturer in connection with a series of development deals related to hybrid technologies and other next-generation products.
  • Represented a midwest-based, business services provider in connection with its purchase of a controlling interest in a business services provider which provided the acquirer with access to the telecommunications industry and a new service line.
  • Represented management of a midwest-based, producer of recreational watercraft in connection with their formation of a joint venture with a west-coast based private equity fund to purchase the assets of their company.
  • Represented owners of a midwest-based, privately-held U.S. company providing business services in over 20 states in connection with the sale of a 75% interest in the company to a publicly-traded French company in the same industry that did not previously have North American operations, including the spin off of a related business to be retained by the selling owners.



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