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Will humanity pay a price for technology moving too fast?

  • Are you aware just how far technologies have come and what potential future capabilities might look like?
  • Do you know what kind of impact technologies like automation and artificial intelligence are having on the workforce and society?
  • Are we prepared for what comes next in technological advancement and possible changes we may face as a species?

Science fiction has captivated readers and audiences with apocalyptic futures ruled by machines. Dire predictions of technology run-amok usually draw sideways glances and chuckles, but recent developments in bionic exoskeletons and advanced robotics, for example, have forced many people to think twice.

Purdue University’s Dawn or Doom conference in September explored both the optimistic and pessimistic perspectives towards the technology explosion we are experiencing today, and three outstanding Purdue faculty experts will join us Nov. 14, to continue this captivating discussion during a special edition of New Economy New Rules featuring:

  • Jennifer Neville, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Statistics
  • Jenna Rickus, Associate Professor Of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Eric Matson, Associate Professor, College of Technology
  • Moderator, Purdue University CIO Gerry McCartney

When: Friday, Nov. 14

Time: 8 - 9:30 a.m. ET

Where: Barnes & Thornburg | 11 S. Meridian Street | Indianapolis, IN

Other Barnes & Thornburg offices in Elkhart, South Bend and Fort Wayne; sometimes available in B&T offices in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Washington DC, Atlanta (GA), Minneapolis and Columbus (OH).

Also cooperating facilities in Evansville, Kokomo, Merrillville and Scottsburg.

Registration: btrsvp@btlaw.com  

If you register and become unable to attend, please email jodie.daugherty@btlaw.com.


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