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Scott Godes Quoted in Law360 Article, “4 Cyberinsurance Battlegrounds to Watch”

Scott Godes

Scott N. Godes

Data Security and Privacy Co-Chair

Scott Godes, partner and co-chair of the firm’s Data Security and Privacy Practice Group, was recently quoted in Law360’s article, “4 Cyberinsurance Battlegrounds to Watch.” The article examines four key battlegrounds to watch when seeking coverage under cyberinsurance policies.  Scott was quoted multiple times about exclusions and limitations within cyberinsurance policies.  One of Scott’s quotes related to an insurance company’s recent denial of coverage based on alleged security requirements within a cyberinsurance policy.  Scott is quoted saying,

"The idea that an alleged failure to meet some security requirement would result in the exclusion of coverage should be seen as offensive. It puts a policyholder in a spot where, every time a claim is made, there is a trapdoor to coverage."
Scott gave other tips about cyberinsurance policies and how to evaluate offered terms.  To read the full article, click here.


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