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Scott Godes quoted in, “Insurers cover fraction of costs in Catholic dioceses’ clergy abuse cases”

Scott Godes

Scott N. Godes

Data Security and Privacy Co-Chair, Insurance Recovery and Counseling Group Co-Chair

Scott Godes, a partner with Barnes & Thornburg, was quoted in Business Insurance’s article, “Insurers cover fraction of costs in Catholic dioceses’ clergy abuse cases.” The article discusses the role of insurance coverage in the context of clergy abuse cases.  The author posits that liability insurers have paid only a fraction of the U.S. Catholic dioceses’ costs in clergy abuse cases. Nonetheless, insurance companies have paid, or been ordered to pay, millions of dollars for those claims.  Legal wrangles have arisen, among other issues, over the number of occurrences in clergy abuse cases and the allocation of losses among the decades of policies potentially involved. Godes, who has worked on multiple cases involving insurance for clergy abuse cases, is quoted saying, “There’s a real variance of law (between jurisdictions) on the number of occurrences.” Read the full article here.


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