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Commercial Transactions and Contracts Open for Business

Your business requires contracts people can understand. We bring strategic focus to the legal issues surrounding commercial transactions and contracts. Our client base, diverse in geography, size and industry, gives us broad commercial transaction knowledge and enables our attorneys to serve your unique commercial and contracting needs, no matter the location or type of your business. 

We provide you with strategic counseling as it relates to your negotiations, corporate contracts and the sale of your goods or services.

Working together, we define and compose the terms of your sales contracts, payment obligations, purchase orders, licensing agreements and vendor agreements tailored to your needs. And we are prepared to advocate and enforce your rights. Not every contract can or should be packed with legalese -- we work essential protections into straightforward and user-friendly contracts.

We assist clients in establishing and building local, regional, national and international distribution networks, and work to address and minimize the legal issues that distribution relationships produce.

Our attorneys have wide-ranging experience applying the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to our clients- particular circumstances. Whether your issue involves negotiable instruments, secured transactions, sales of goods, deposits, leases, legal title, receipts, transfers, letters of credit, or bills of lading, we can help you use the tools in the UCC to protect your interests.



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