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Ohio Office of Budget and Management Issues Operating Budget Guidance

The Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM) recently issued its operating budget guidance to state agencies, the guidance outlines the details and parameters of the budget process for state fiscal years 2018 and 2019. The timeline for agencies to submit their budgets is as follows:

  • September 16th for professional regulatory boards and commissions and other smaller agencies
  • October 14th for Cabinet and all remaining executive agencies
  • November 1st for Constitutional statewide officeholders, and legislative and judicial agencies.
The OBM reports the state is in a strong fiscal condition with a structurally balanced budget and a Budget Stabilization Fund exceeding $2 Billion. However, they caution that some economists are forecasting another recession due to the lack of the U.S. economic expansion over the past seven years. Moreover, the elimination of the Medicaid managed care tax will drastically reduce revenue. As such, in the guidance documents agencies were directed to limit their requests for General Revenue Funds (GRF) up to 90 percent of SFY 2017 appropriations, with the ability request up to 10 percent in extended funding, while non-GRF items are permitted to request up to 100 percent of SFY 2017 appropriations, with the ability to request extended funding within the confines of anticipated resources. OBM outlines Governor Kasich’s priorities for the upcoming budget that continue with his previous efforts to enhance job growth and keep state spending under control while improving services for taxpayers. Agencies are directed to identify policy changes that will continue to provide program improvements, and efficiencies that will save the state money. You can read the full OBM Agency Budget Guidance here.

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