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And You Thought Trump-Clinton Was Close: Hoffa Squeaks Out Win To Remain Teamsters' President

It is (or was) election season and while the spotlight is (or was) focused on the Trump-Clinton and other federal and state government races, another significant election occurred this month: voting for officers of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union. James P. Hoffa – son of the late Jimmy Hoffa – has been the general president of the Teamsters since 1998. During his tenure, he has overseen various changes within the Teamsters, such as the union’s departure from the AFL-CIO in 2005 and the subsequent creation of the Change to Win coalition. Hoffa was widely expected to win re-election as president of the Teamsters this time around. While he did so, it was a narrow victory: he won by approximately 6,000 votes in an election where nearly 200,000 votes were cast. Politico has an interesting article on the Teamsters election that can be found here.


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