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Sexual Harassment 2.1: Keep Up, We Are Moving Fast…

Bill Nolan

William A. Nolan

Columbus Managing Partner

Last week I wrote a post elsewhere updating business people on the latest developments arising from the tsunami of high -pr ofile harassment reports and allegations in recent months. The bottom line:  we have had relatively few changes so far (this aspect of this year’s federal tax law a notable exception), but it seems almost certain there will be. For literally decades employers could protect themselves from most harassment claims with a good policy (easy), appropriate training (pretty easy), and responding appropriately to complaints of harassment (not necessarily easy but usually achievable for companies committed to doing so).  I submit that judges, juries, and enforcement agencies are going to expect more from employers even if the law does not change, specifically to know about harassment in their workplace even if it is not reported (which recent events emphatically remind us, it often is not). Here is the full post.  


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