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Bill Nolan

William A. Nolan

Columbus Managing Partner

We write a lot on the Currents blog about noncompete agreements. The topic presents a wealth of material because of the critical differences between state laws and the importance of employers to be aware of developments even in states where they don’t do business, and the fact that typically several times a year there is a development in some state’s law, with Nevada and Pennsylvania being two examples in recent years where a state supreme court decision has attracted attention. Yet I find that employers and employees alike often have misunderstandings about noncompete law in their state. To that end, here is a simple Q&A I recently prepared for another publication on noncompete agreements. It is in the “voice” of answering an employee’s questions, but is a good primer whether you are in the employer or the employee “seat.” Also, the publication is for an Ohio audience, so the Q&A focuses on Ohio’s (pro-enforcement) scheme, but much applies in other states as well.


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