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The World According to Trump: Trump’s Impact on Traditional Labor

The NLRB has been a quintessential symbol of organized labor in the United States. Under President Obama, the NLRB’s resurgent influence under President Obama breathed new life into unions, and extended its reach of employee-friendly policies into non-union businesses. What can we expect under President Donald Trump? It is worth noting that the election statistics show President-elect Trump’s success stemmed, in part, from uncharacteristic support of union households, who were apparently determined to regain protections for the working class. Now that Trump emerged victorious, was the working person’s vote - was their hope - based in reality? Our union-savvy colleague and partner, Jerry Lutkus, who writes regularly for our BT Labor Relations blog, has summarized the impact of Trump election on the NLRB. As he explains, change might be excruciatingly slow for businesses and workers alike.


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